Developing a winning strategy, the plan to go with it and then implementing this successfully can be a challenging task in today’s hyper-competitive technology markets.

In addition to inspiring your employees, you need to stay focused on the customer, insure your team is producing the innovation needed to win and execute steadily over a multi-year horizon.

Having an objective third party consultant who knows the best tools and techniques to guide you and your team on a timeline through the analysis, and also to facilitate meetings and sometimes referee to sort out disagreements, lets you focus on the discussion of ideas and the creative thinking aspects of the task to get to a great outcome.

Even if you have done strategic planning before, you can benefit from new ideas and approaches to look at your situation in today’s market and to find the path to get to the growth and valuation you desire.

Wouldn’t you like to turn the strategic planning exercise from an annual grind into an energizing and impacting team process that can change the course of your company forever?

Doing this work is an added activity to the day to day running of the business, so having a consultant run the process for you allows you to minimize the impact on you and your team, while also bringing someone in just as long as is needed to get the process completed. There is no need to hire a full-time person for a part time activity.

Having team accountability to the consultant to get activities completed on a schedule can also be a useful dynamic to complete the process by a certain timeframe.


Please see the About page to learn more about Bob Vinton’s experience.

Unlike the big consulting companies full with fresh-minted MBA’s trying out the theory on your business, Bob Vinton has spent 20 years in the high tech world applying these tools as a business manager in real world situations and following through to implement the strategies.

With this practitioner’s experience, he can select the right tools and analyses for your company’s situation and lead your team through the process to develop and implement innovative strategies for market leadership.Bob can be a trusted facilitator, advisor and teacher to a technical CEO and his leadership team.

You know your customers, products, and market, Bob knows the process and tools to develop the strategy you need to take your company to the next level.


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