Focused Implementation Makes Strategy Become Real

The best laid plans will go nowhere without a commitment on the part of the management team to implement them with a structured process that can be followed through with over the planning horizon.

This is not rocket science, but requires a process outside of the normal daily or weekly operational meetings with committed focus time quarterly to check in and update the team on the status of the critical initiatives by those tasked to do the work on each.

This is a great way to allow teams within the organization to interact with management on critical initiatives and sends a clear signal to the teams of the importance of the work to the corporate direction.

Establishing a dashboard of metrics specific to this activity can also be a great way to track and status progress in an ongoing fashion. Market share, customer delight and employee satisfaction are all essential indicators of whether progress is being made to improve the business beyond the normal financial measures.

Establishing competitor benchmarks for different activities in the organization like new product releases, number of patents issued or other things essential to build advantages is also important.

The leadership role is essential here to communicate urgency and focus on the goal, to interact with the team members and understand challenges and progress and to insure that investment dollars are flowing to build the competencies needed in the timelines planned for.

Celebrating successes with immediate and sincere recognition, and communicating the importance of the work at all times provides critical feedback and motivation to the employees of the organization.

Focused implementation of the strategic plan within a company culture that fosters innovation is the environment for success!


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