Set a Strategic Intent to Start your Planning!

Strategic intent needs to be the beginning point for strategy development. Once you’ve decided this, then the rest of your strategic planning can be accomplished. As Stephen Covey, who is the author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said, “we should begin with the end in mind.”


Apple is the best example of this approach in the current world. In 1996, they were just a 4% market share player in the PC business. In 2000, Steve Jobs came back as CEO and set the intent for Apple Computer to become great by being “the hub of your digital life” which has led them to becoming the most valuable company in the world.


Another current example, regardless what you think of Donald Trump as the new President, is that his strategic intent to “Make America great again” is a rallying cry and will guide the planning for investments of this country in the coming 4 years.


Strategic planning generally starts with this year’s plan – it’s more focused on what are the line of sight steps and actions that we can take next year and where are the niches that we can take advantage of with the competencies we have today.


With strategic intent though, you’re setting forth on a forward-looking path to future market leadership. Your focus will be on creating new advantages to delight your customers and this is going to be a stable path over multiple years.


So set a strategic intent first, and create an obsession for winning in your business!


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